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Maxima Steel 2 piece Bases


The Maxima Steel Bases mount with a low profile. Once you have removed your scope with the Maxima Quick Detach Rings, your view is not obscured.

Maxima Steel Bases are precision CNC machined from solid steel and are held to very tight tolerances. The Maxima Steel Base design is modeled around the popular Weaver design, which is one of the strongest and most versatile mounting systems available today. The low profile of the Maxima Steel Bases give your firearm a sleek, good look. When used in conjunction with Warne Maxima QD Rings, the shooter is able to utilize the open sights by looking over the top of the bases without sacrificing the normal shooting position behind the firearm.

Maxima Bases also offer a full width recoil slot in each base. This feature allows the recoil control keys of Warne Rings to attain maximum bearing surface, stathing off severe recoil.



BS605 M824/824M Anschutz all models 2P
BS653 M980/980M Anschutz 1780 (3 holes at back - drill and tap 4th hole to fit)
BS618 M898/828M Azoli 22F/12.5 RHS 2P
BS646 M848/848M Browning BAR
BS648 M850/848M Browning BAR
BS602 M838/838M Browning BLR 2P
BS605 M824/824M Browning T Bolt 2P
BS622 M918/918M Browning A Bolt 2P F/RHS 22mm
BS629 M920/918M Browning A Bolt EXT 2P F/RHS 22mm
BS634 M927/929M Browning X Bolt 2P
BS612 M902/876M BSA Monarch 2P
BS618 M898/828M Carl Gustav 1900 22F/12.5 RHS 2P
BS602 M838/838M Fabarm Iris
BS608 M902/830M FN Mauser 12.5mm RHS 2P
BS647 M904/830M FN Mauser
BS688 M905/830M FN Mauser EXTRA EXT
BS612 M902/876M Howa 1500 and 1700 2P
BS618 M898/828M Husqvarna small ring 1600, 1900 22F/12.5 RHS 2P
BS608 M902/830M Interarms Mark X + Viscount 12.5mm RHS 2P
BS601 M880/806M Interarms Mark X Mini Mauser 16F/10mm RHS 2P
BS632 M887/841M Kimber M8400 (screws 8x40)
BS636 M889/843M Kimber M84 (screws 6x48)
BS612 M902/876M Marlin XS7
BS613 M904/876M Marlin XS7 EXT
BS619 M902/924M Marlin XL7 2P, Marlin MR7 2P
BS611 A997M Marlin lever action 1P
BS635 M864/864M Marlin 1893/5, 336, 366C 2P lever action
BS637 M866/864M Marlin 1893/5, 336, 366C 2P lever action
BS606 M810/810M Mannlicher M+MS 2P F/RHS 10mm
BS607 M902/832M Mauser K98 2P
BS609 M904/832M Mauser K98 2P EXT
BS610 M905/832M Mauser K98 2P EXTRA EXT
BS618 M898/828M Mauser 96 small ring 22F/12.5 RHS 2P
BS612 M902/876M Mauser 96 (new model) straight pull 2P
BS618 M898/828M Mauser 225 22F/12.5 RHS 2P
BS601 M880/806M Mini Mauser 2P 16F/10mm RHS
BS612 M902/876M Mossberg 1500, 1700 and 100ATR 2P
BS604 M826/826M Mossberg 680, 695, 800, 50, 51, 151, 350, 351 2P
BS690 M827/827M Mossberg 464 2P
BS608 M902/830M Musgrave MkIII + MkIV 2P
BS619 M902/924M Musgrave 80,81,82,90
BS620 M904/924M Musgrave 80,81,82,90
BS756 M905/924M Winchester 70 EX EXT
BS607 M902/832M Musgrave Field, Delixe, Varminter, Exhibition
BS609 M904/832M Musgrave Field, Delixe, Varminter, Exhibition
BS610 M905/832M Musgrave Field, Delixe, Varminter, Exhibition
BS608 M902/830M Parker HALE 1000, 1000c, 1100, 1200 + 1700 2P
BS601 M880/806M Remington 799 16F/10mm RHS 2P
BS612 M902/876M Remington 700, 78, 721, 722, 725
BS613 M904/876M Remington 700, 78, 721, 722, 725
BS687 M905/876M Remington 700, 78, 721, 722, 725
BS757 M892/868M Remington 740, 742 & 760
BS673 M902/902M Remington 788, 783
BS754 M904/902M Remington 788, 783
BS755 M905/902M Remington 788, 783
BS668 M912/873M Remington Police with 8x40 screws
BS673 M902/902M Ruger American
BS754 M904/902M Ruger American
BS755 M905/902M Ruger American
BS612 M902/876M Sabatti
BS613 M904/876M Sabatti
BS687 M905/876M Sabatti
BS753 M858/918M Ruger 10/22 Maxima
BS689 M918/918M Sako A7
BS629 M920/918M Sako A7
BS646 M848/848M Sauer SHR Pro-hunter
BS648 M848/850M Sauer SHR Pro-hunter
BS630 M902/901M Sauer 202
BS667 M904/901M Sauer 202
BS612 M902/876M Sauer 201
BS613 M904/876M Sauer 201
BS687 M905/876M Sauer 201
BS605 M824/824M Savage 93, MK II .22
BS691 M902/936M Savage Pre 2003 flat receiver
BS695 M904/936M Savage Pre 2003 flat receiver
BS673 M902/902M Savage 10, 12, 110, 111, 112, Accu Trigger
BS754 M904/902M Savage 10, 12, 110, 111, 112, Accu Trigger EXT
BS755 M905/902M Savage 10, 12, 110, 111, 112, Accu Trigger EXTRA EXT
BS602 M838/838M Sig Sauer F/RHS 12.5mm
BS606 M810/810M Steyr Mannlicher M + MS 2P F/RHS 10mm
BS623 M808/808M Steyr Mannlicher L + LS SA 2P F/RHS 10mm
BS622 M918/918M Stey Mannlicher classic F/RHS 22mm
BS622 M918/918M Steyr SBS, pro hunter F/RHS 22mm
BS629 M920/918M Steyr SBS, pro hunter F/RHS 22mm
BS653 M980/980M Traditions Ardesa and CVA Round Barrels
BS689 M932/932M Tikka flat top
BS608 M902/830M Voere 2150, 2165-1, 2165-2, 2165-3, 2165-4 2P
BS651 M888/875m Weatherby MkV std 2p
BS600 M902/879M Weatherby MkV Magnum/Vanguard 2P
BS628 M904/879M Weatherby Magnum/Vanguard EXT 2P
BS621 M902/802M Winchester 70 mag 8mm RHS 2P
BS626 M904/802M Winchester 70 mag 8mm RHS 2P
BS603 M902/818M Winchester 70 11mm RHS 2P
BS655 M904/818M Winchester Magnum 11mm RHS 2P EXT
BS619 M902/924M Winchester 70 WSM (short magnum) 22F/22B
BS619 M902/924M Winchester 70 std 22.5mm RHS 2P
BS619 M902/924M Winchester 70 std 22.5mm RHS 2P
BS620 M904/924M Winchester 70 22.5mm RHS 2P EXT
BS756 M905/924M Winchester 70 EX EXT
BS601 M880/806M Zastava Mini Mauser 16F/10mm RHS 2P


BS624 M902/876S Rem 700, BSA Monarch, Howa 1500&1700, Mossberg 1500, 1700&100ATR 2P silver
BS625 M902/879S Weatherby Mk V Mag/Vanguard 2P silver
BS616 M889/843S Kimber M84 with 8x40 Silver 2P silver
BS650 M902/924S Marlin XL7, Winchester 70 Std 22.5 RHS 2P silver
BS669 M902/902S Savage Accutrigger 2P silver
BA990 TW1 Torque wrench
BA991 TW65 Torque wrench
BS961 ST1 Shooting tool


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